21C Museum Hotel Cincinnati

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_Mission Statement

______The seamless integration of light into architecture is the primary objective of an Illuminationworks project. The lighting plan is complementary to the architect’s vision. It reinforces the intended design and creates an atmosphere, but never becomes the sole focus.

______This objective is achieved through the discreet detailing of all light sources into the architecture from the earliest stages of the design process. The latest innovations in lighting technologies are engaged to ensure that details are unobtrusive and energy efficient.

______Illuminationworks has working relationships with many innovative manufacturers so that each project can have light fittings tailor-made to achieve a unique design. These varied relationships also guarantee brilliant results within all budgets.

______The company boasts an experienced staff that has worked on projects on every continent and is familiar with product availability and local electrical and energy codes. We have also worked with architects from all over the world on projects of every varying style imaginable.

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The Hospital Club



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