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The Kitchen
The Hague

Illuminationworks crafted a bespoke lighting design scheme for the cafeteria-styled restaurant, "The Kitchen," nestled within the iconic de Bijenkorf department store in The Hague. Collaborating closely with the architects, we envisioned a sophisticated ambient lighting strategy, seamlessly transitioning between daytime and evening hours. 

The expansive space is thoughtfully divided into five zones, each exuding distinct moods and dining formats. Purposeful lighting design transforms these areas dynamically throughout the day. 

Dining spaces unfold across four zones—canteen, cafe, bar, and restaurant—offering diverse seating options for groups, families, individuals, and patrons of all ages. Positioned along the building's perimeter, these spaces capitalize on expansive windows, framing captivating views of The Hague's city center. Illuminationworks' lighting design seamlessly integrates with the architectural vision, enhancing the atmosphere and visual appeal of this unique culinary haven.

Creative Lighting Design for a Cafeteria


Universal Design Studio


Universal Design Studio

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