Little Shinsegae 

Gangnam, Seoul 

When Shinsegae decided to create a children's department that took up an entire floor of its Gangnam branch, Illuminationworks was given the challenging task of creating a playful lighting design that both entertained 5-12 year olds while enticing young mothers to return again and again. Working closely with Shed Design, 10 distinct areas were created within the department, each based on a different children's fairy tale or nursery rhyme. The result was a mesmerising, dynamic, and playful environment specifically geared towards very young customers. Our lighting design followed an impossibly complex, curvilinear product display layout with lighting elements coordinated within a system of tiered curved light coves. In some areas, lighting was used to accentuate curved, finned walls. Lighting helped these walls feel solid when viewed obliquely and a see-through when viewed straight-on. A back-lit pierced ceiling was designed for a playroom for toddlers and a more technical astronomical design was developed for older children's toys.   


Shed Design  


Chad Rains 

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