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RDG_Master Bed_03_L.jpg

Reina Doña Germana 
Gran Via, Valencia

Illuminationworks developed the lighting design for this ultra energy efficient renovation project in central Valencia. The apartment receives a lot of natural daylight so it was important to balance this with current LED technologies. Tuneable white LED was utilised throughout for a cooler environment during the day (6500K) and much warmer light late at night (1800K). All of the decorative ceilings and mouldings are accentuated with light, as are the curtains for a very inviting atmosphere. We designed other indirect lighting details into the architecture of all rooms, such as kitchen skirting, shower niches, and built-in headboards, to enable for minimal use of light at night. The combined effects emphasise the elegance of the interior design and help create a comfortable environment throughout the day. The extremely energy efficient lighting scheme perfectly complements the passive house technologies used in the renovation.    

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