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Commercial & Masterplan Excellence: Illuminationworks, Your Office Lighting Designer Innovating Corporate Spaces

Selected Commercial & Masterplan Projects

Commercial & Masterplan Lighting Design: Illuminate Your Identity with Illuminationworks


Enhance the essence of your corporate spaces with Illuminationworks, expert office lighting designer. Our tailored solutions strike a perfect balance between functionality and sophistication, creating an atmosphere that aligns with your corporate identity.


From sleek office interiors to welcoming lobby spaces, we specialise in transforming corporate environments with strategic lighting. Trust Illuminationworks to elevate your brand presence through thoughtfully crafted lighting designs. Explore the possibilities and redefine your corporate image with our expertise in lighting design.


Additionally, embark on a journey of comprehensive illumination planning with masterplan lighting designer Illuminationworks. Our expertise extends beyond individual spaces to shape entire environments with strategic lighting solutions.


From outdoor landscapes to urban developments, we specialise in crafting masterful lighting designs that enhance safety, aesthetics, and functionality. Illuminate pathways, accentuate landmarks, and create a cohesive visual identity with our masterplan approach. Explore the art of holistic illumination with Illuminationworks and bring your visionary projects to life.


Illuminationworks are expert commercial lighting design consultants and our portfolio contains corporate offices, commercial developments, public parks, and masterplan projects. Here is a selection of commercial & masterplan lighting projects we have designed. 


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