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Preserving Timeless Spaces and Cultural Marvels with Top Museum Lighting Designer Illuminationworks

Selected Cultural & Heritage Projects

Illuminate Culture and Heritage with Illuminationworks: Specialised Lighting Design for Museums and Galleries.


Immerse visitors in the rich tapestry of art and history with our expert cultural and heritage lighting design. Illuminationworks, experienced museum lighting designer, brings a nuanced approach to museums and galleries, blending precision and creativity to showcase exhibits with unparalleled brilliance.


Our designs emphasise the interplay of light and artefacts, creating immersive experiences that resonate with cultural significance. From preserving delicate artefacts to enhancing the storytelling aspect of exhibits, trust Illuminationworks to bring a new dimension to cultural and heritage spaces through our masterful lighting solutions. Explore the transformative power of light in preserving and celebrating our collective history.


Illuminationworks are a specialist museum lighting designer and have an extensive portfolio of museum, gallery, and art installation projects. Experts in heritage lighting and adaptive-reuse, we have won awards for our installation, museum, and heritage work. Here is a selection of cultural lighting projects we have designed.


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