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Revitalised: Illuminationworks' Gym Lighting Design for Ultimate Leisure Experiences

Selected Leisure Projects

Transform Leisure Spaces with Illuminationworks: Tailored Gym Lighting Design for Unforgettable Experiences.

Elevate the ambiance of your leisure destinations with our expert leisure lighting design. Illuminationworks specialises in crafting lighting solutions that go beyond illumination, creating atmospheres that enhance the overall leisure experience.


Whether it's state-of-the-art gyms, luxury spas, customer lounges, hair salons, or recreational facilities, our designs seamlessly blend creativity and functionality to captivate visitors. Trust Illuminationworks to bring vibrancy and excitement to your leisure spaces through thoughtfully curated gym lighting design solutions.


Explore the art of leisure lighting design with us and turn your recreational spaces into captivating havens of enjoyment and relaxation. Illuminationworks are experienced leisure lighting designers and our portfolio includes spas, health clubs, hair salons, and airport lounges. Here is a selection of leisure lighting projects we have designed.

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