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Illuminationworks: Your Retail Lighting Designer of Distinctive Brilliance

Selected Retail Projects

Discover Unparalleled Brilliance with Expert Retail Lighting Designer Illuminationworks.


Elevate your shopping environment to new heights with our expert Retail Lighting Design solutions. Our innovative approach blends aesthetic excellence and strategic illumination, creating immersive and engaging retail experiences. Illuminate product showcases, enhance atmosphere, and captivate customers with our tailored lighting solutions. Trust Illuminationworks for retail lighting that goes beyond illumination, turning your space into a masterpiece of visual appeal and consumer allure. Explore the art of retail lighting design with us.


Illuminationworks are specialist Retail Lighting Designers - from boutiques and brand rollouts to department stores and shopping centres. We have won numerous awards for our retail work. Here is a small selection of the retail lighting projects we have designed. 


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