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Crafting Liveable Spaces with Expert Residential Lighting Designer Illuminationworks

Selected Residential Projects

Transform Your Home with Illuminationworks: Premier Residential Lighting Designer

Illuminate your living spaces with personalized elegance and innovation. As a leading residential lighting designer, Illuminationworks specializes in bespoke designs that harmonize functionality, aesthetics, and ambiance.


Whether you seek cozy, ambient lighting for your living room or statement fixtures for your kitchen, our expert designers craft lighting solutions tailored to your lifestyle. Illuminate your home with sophistication and style. Explore the art of residential lighting with Illuminationworks and let us turn your living spaces into a haven of comfort and visual delight.

Illuminationworks - Your Trusted Residential Lighting Designer. Discover our extensive portfolio of private estates, houses, apartments, residential developments, and landscaped gardens. Explore a curated selection of our residential lighting projects and witness the transformative power of expert design.

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