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Hospitality Lighting Brilliance by Hotel Lighting Designer Illuminationworks

Selected Hospitality Projects

Exceptional Hospitality Experiences with Hotel Lighting Designer Illuminationworks.


Elevate the ambiance of your hospitality spaces with our innovative and tailored lighting solutions. At Illuminationworks, we specialise in creating immersive and inviting atmospheres for hotels, restaurants, and more. Our expert hotel lighting designers blend creativity and functionality to enhance guest experiences, ensuring every space reflects a unique and captivating atmosphere. Trust Illuminationworks to illuminate your hospitality ventures with sophistication, style, and a touch of brilliance. Explore our portfolio and let us redefine the way your guests perceive and enjoy your hospitality offerings through the art of lighting design.


Illuminationworks are a specialist hotel lighting designer and have won awards for our hospitality projects. Here is a selection of the hotel & restaurant lighting designs we have created. 


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