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ROOM by Antony Gormley
The Beaumont, London 

Transforming Luxury: Hotel Lighting Designer Illuminationworks Shines at Café Royal

As part of the brief for The Beaumont, a hotel project in Mayfair, Illuminationworks was asked to collaborate on a lighting concept for an experiential work of art commissioned from the renowned British sculptor, Antony Gormley. Over the course of the project, the concept developed from simply lighting the bedroom in a very discreet way to a fully fledged experience in which “sculpting darkness”, to paraphrase the artist, became the goal. Illuminationworks worked in close partnership with Gormley to develop the lighting design within ROOM and create a unique experience for the guest.

The experimental lighting project developed slowly over time as the artist began to finalise the almost cubist shapes of the interior planes. The idea was that a guest lying on the bed staring upwards as the room lights are turned off would see nothing due to the completely blacked-out room’s architectural detailing. Slowly over 10-15 minutes as the guest’s pupils fully dilate, hidden features slowly come to life.



Art Lighting Project of the Year

2016 Lighting Design Awards

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Sir Antony Gormley​​


Reardon Smith Architects 




Nick Ingram

Courtesy of Client 

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