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Marc by Marc Jacobs Cafe


For the world's first Marc by Marc Jacobs cafe, Illuminationworks was presented with the challenging task of creating a lighting design that embraced the established material palette of the brand and brought a sense of playfulness to an area of the shop that would remain open after store hours and into the night. The atmosphere created needed to be inviting to a broad range of guests - not just the typical Marc Jacobs shopper.


The main focus of the cafe is a custom architectural lighting feature made from three concentric square sculpted forms - individually lit with blue cold cathode. Warm LEDs are used in all the detailing - around the bar and back bar shelves. The challenge was to make the most atmospheric impact in such a small interior space that is be memorable and will entice the customer to return again and again.


Jaklitsch/Gardner Architects 


Paul Warchol

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