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One Canada Square 

Canary Wharf, London 

Transforming Luxury: Hotel Lighting Designer Illuminationworks Shines at Café Royal

One Canada Square is a 326m² restaurant located in the lobby of the building of the same name. The project consists of restaurants and bar areas split between the lobby floor level and a mezzanine connected by two criss-crossing stairs, all freestanding beneath the lobby’s soaring 8.8m ceilings.

The owners had a very limited budget to achieve their goal of an Art Deco styled destination restaurant and bar in the heart of Canary Wharf, but still strived for the best quality in every aspect, including the lighting. All lighting elements had to be warm and envelope the guest so they forget they are actually sitting in the rather coldly designed lobby of a 1990’s skyscraper.  



Hotel & Restaurant Project of the Year 

2015 Lighting Design Awards

LDA 2015 logo shortlisted_All Black.jpg


David Collins Studio 


Courtesy of Client 

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