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Selfridges International Services Lounge

Oxford Street, London

Transforming Luxury: Hotel Lighting Designer Illuminationworks Shines at Café Royal

Working closely with the architect and interior designer for the scheme Waldo Works, Illuminationworks has created a lighting scheme that brings a hotel-style environment to the heart of one of London’s most iconic stores. Tripling in size from the previous tax lounge, the new Customer Services areas provide comfort, luxury and relaxation enabling transactions to be undertaken privately and at leisure.


Bespoke light fittings are a key feature of the two spacious Banking Halls, with numbered glass globes hung from or supported by brass rails acting as a vital element of the wayfinding strategy - each globe is individually controlled to slowly flash when a customer's number is called leading them to a particular tax desk. This non-verbal communication was crucial to the success of a space where transactions are carried out between individuals rarely speaking the same language.



Award of Merit

2016 Illumination Awards

Illuminating Engineering Society
  of North America

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Waldo Works 


Ruy Teixeira

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