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RDG_Master Bed_03_L.jpg

Reina Doña Germana 
Gran Via, Valencia

Contemporary Brilliance: Residential Lighting Designer Illuminationworks Transforms Modern Living Spaces

Residential lighting designer Illuminationworks developed this ultra-energy-efficient renovation project in Valencia.


Balancing the vast amounts of natural daylight with innovative LED technologies, we used tuneable white LED to create a cooler environment during the day (4000K) and warmer light late at night (1800K).


Highlighting decorative ceilings, mouldings, and curtains, our design incorporates subtle indirect lighting details in every room, elevating the elegance of the interior. From kitchen skirting to shower niches and built-in headboards, we strategically integrate ambient lighting for minimal use at night, ensuring a tasteful and comfortable ambiance.


Our extremely energy-efficient lighting scheme complements the passive house technologies used in the renovation, creating a comfortable environment throughout the day.

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