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Kent & Curwen 

Savile Row, London

Retail Illumination Excellence: Discover the Art of Retail Lighting Designer Illuminationworks

Since 1926, Kent & Curwen has been renowned for producing gentleman’s sporting attire that combines sophisticated fabrics and impeccable tailoring with a modern twist. When the British heritage brand was purchased in 2012, the new owners wanted to take the label to a broader audience and revamped their clothing lines to appeal to a broader range of shoppers. The new store concept had to be contemporary and youthful, while maintaining a link to its long history and Illuminationworks was employed to developed the lighting design. This was the first step in creating a lighting concept to replicate around the world in free-standing stores and department store shop-in-shops.



Retail Project of the Year

2015 Lighting Design Awards​

LDA 2015 logo winner_All Black.jpg


David Collins Studio 


Chad Rains

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