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Marc by Marc Jacobs Showroom

New York City  

The reinvention of the Marc by Marc Jacobs showroom, housed on a full floor of its Manhattan headquarters, signified a shift in the palette of materials that represent this iconic retail brand. The challenge was to maximise the use of daylight and create meeting spaces with relative privacy and acoustical control. The lighting design played an important role in organising the open plan space. It helped to unify the various areas, while defining individual seating areas for visiting clients. 

Originally built just after the diffusion brand launched ten years earlier, it was rather tired and outdated and no longer reflected the image of the brand which had evolved in the intervening decade. Revisiting the showroom in NYC was a culmination of many years working with the brand. Bringing all of the Marc by Marc Jacobs elements back into the showroom was the main priority so that the showroom felt like an extension of the boutiques.


2014 Honor Award for Interior Architecture

American Institute of Architecture

2013 Merit Award for Interior Architecture

American Institute of Architecture - New York State

2013 American Architecture Award

The Chicago Athenaeum

2012 Best of the Year Award

Interior Design Magazine


Jaklitsch/Gardner Architects 


Scott Frances

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