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Marc Jacobs Collection


Guiding the costumer’s eye through the retail environment is the primary lighting objective for the Marc Jacobs boutique in Chicago.  Accentuating the merchandise by setting up a visual hierarchy starting with a) the product to b) the bespoke displays/furniture and then to c) the interior architecture is achieved through increased lux levels at the horizon line to keep focus on the vertical surfaces and horizontal counter tops/vitrines where merchandise is displayed, and then finally, to the ceilings, walls and other architectural elements. Lighting the merchandise in a sophisticated way from a 20'(6m) ceiling height was a major challenge. In the end, seamlessly integrated lighting equipment into all product displays was the answer. The ceiling accentlights were used to light table displays and cast light on cabinetry faces so they do not go dark when contrasted with the the brightly lit shelves. All light fittings are as discreet as possible, so that the light is seen but fixtures remain nearly invisible. 


Jaklitsch/Gardner Architects 


Paul Warchol

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