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New Bond Street, London 

Bespoke Brilliance: Retail Lighting Designer Illuminationworks Sets the Standard

Illuminationworks was asked to design the lighting for an update to an iconic British brand’s flagship store on New Bond Street.  Smythson, known for its luxury stationery, was in the process of adding other types of leather goods to its collection, including fashionable handbags and luggage pieces. 


The listed interior of the shop kept much of its original neo-Georgian features and posed many challenges to retail lighting designer Illuminationworks. The retail areas doubled in size as administration rooms in the rear of the property were redeveloped as sales to combine with the original front retail space. In this way, the architect and client created a department store feel with different types of merchandise displayed in the different rooms. 



Retail Project of the Year 

2014 Lighting Design Awards​

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Waldo Works 


Ruy Teixeira

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